Marvin O'Dell writes on 6/8/05: The album may be called "Easy on th' Ears", but it sure is tough on th' heart. If you're going to listen to this CD, be prepared for Dave Watson to squeeze, wrench, and even break your heart as he so honestly and personally recites his poetry. Oh, it's not all that bad - he'll make you laugh, too - a lot, in fact. And he'll also leave you sitting there contemplating "Poppas Wisdom" with the realization that Poppa really was a wise man. Primarily, though, this CD is about family- and love- and values- and courage- and precious memories- and God - and the emotions that accompany such.

The first thing you'll recognize when this CD begins to play is that Dave Watson is real. This isn't some kind of hyped up production orchestrated by some marketing genius for the purpose of gaining world-wide or even national recognition. In fact, you get the feeling about halfway through this CD that Watson doesn't care whether you like this compilation of poems or not 'cause he's still gonna tell 'em - 'cause he's got to - just like he's got to have those ropes ( "I'd like ta keep th' ropes with me if that's alright with y'all. There aint no reason for it, I just want 'em there, that's all.") You'll have to hear the final cut to understand - but this is the kind of stuff that can only be delivered from the heart or else no one will give it a second listen. And what you're listening to here is as genuine as it gets.

The poems aren't long and contrived - they're just honest and get right to the point. Who hasn't felt the emotion Watson expresses in "Daisy?" This doesn't have to be a long story. You and I know exactly where he's coming from. And though most men wouldn't want to admit it, the same thing is true of " A Christmas Story." And if you don't get the point of "Grace and th' Cowboy", listen to it over and over until you do. This timeless story of God's love has never been told more eloquently.

In " To Dyan - 25th Anniversary", Watson gives us a peek into his very personal and intimate relationship with his wife. What strikes you at this point in the CD is: he BETTER be genuine. Because there's a gal named Dyan who'll know!

The CD concludes with a poem called "Last Will and Testament" - a fitting end to this wonderful album of poetry. By the time you finish listening to this final cut, you feel like you know Watson personally. You feel like you've made a new friend. And you wonder if Watson could ever record another CD of poetry - because it seems like he's bared his heart, soul, and life to completion in this one.

Marvin O'Dell- Host and D.J. of Classic Heartland's
" Around th' Campfire" Internet Radio program.


Joe Baker writes on 6/23/05: Over the years with experience and cowboy livin' Dave has mastered his talent with cowboy poetry. I feel his CD, Easy on the Ears is the finest
cowboy poetry I've heard in many years. My hats' off to Dave Watson for his ability to not only recite but to deliver in a down to earth style all his own that everyone in the western industry can understand and relate too with their everyday lives. Dave can make you feel your at home with his easy going presence and I am sincerely honored to call him friend.

-Joe Baker, KNMB/KWMW Radio, Ruidoso, New Mexico
2004 AWA Disc Jockey of the Year
2004 Cowtown Society of Western Music Disc Jockey of the Year
2004 CSWM Hall of Fame Inductee, Fort Worth, Texas


Charley Hendren writes on 7/1/05: Dave Watson’s CD, “Easy On The Ears” is well-named for sure. The CD reflects good quality in the production phase, reflecting good music selection and presentation behind each poem and the professional mixing of music and voice all the way.

Speaking of poems, Dave is a very capable writer of the West, sharing the cowboy way in an honest, traditional, thoughtful, and often humorous writing style. And when it comes to poem recitation, Dave’s delivery of each word and verse brings the poems to life.

In short, “Easy On The Ears” is worth the listen!

Charley Hendren-former review writer for American Cowboy magazine.


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